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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Speaking with a plum in one's mouth

My Wlison's Early is plumacious! It may be that "plumacious" is not a word, in which case, I face a dilemma, as the tree I've been picking this morning is plumacious and if that word is not real, then nor is the tree, though I can vouch for its realness, having climbed it, teetered on its higher branches, leaned-out over the drops that it creates by dint of its height and zig-zaggy style of growth and dropped evidence of its plumaciousness into a woven basket sat on the ground beside the trunk. I think too, that the basket I was filling with plums, was a bushel, but unless I check the word, I can't be sure; is a bushel and volume or an object? I choose to believe it is in fact a bushel, a bushel of plumaciousness. Perhaps it would have been full too, had I not scoffed huge numbers of the sweet red plums as I was picking them. Rather than make jam from them, I jammed them into my gob, as a mouth, every mouth probably, was affectionately called, when I was a boy and may still be, for all I know.


Ray said...

Photos or it didn't happen
A bushel as I am sure you know is a volume measure, hence the different bushel weights for wheat, barley and oats
8 gal volume, 60,50 &40 lbs

robertguyton said...

But photos steal souls. It didn't happen, and it won't happen again in two days time when the next wave of plums are ripe. Need to research bushel. I'll do peck as well.

Unknown said...

Great photo of you riding the old bike. Just like one I snapped at the parade that went both ways. They don't make bikes or parades like that anymore! What year was Riverton's 275th -- whatever they called it -- a sasquachtennial?

robertguyton said...

"The parade that went both ways"
What a lovely story that would make. That sort of benevolent mix-up makes me happy. That was a great day.
"Sasquatchsentenial" would be a great event - hairy beasts from all over gathering to celebrate their ferality. I'd be a starter, Unknown.