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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh my goodness!

David Bellamy drubbed by George Monbiot.


Paranormal said...

If that was a drubbing where is Monbiots facts? He just spouts the same rhetoric about 98% of scientists blah blah blah. There was more emotion and no facts in Monbiots narrative.

As Bellamy points out fundamental to all the Gorebull Warming BS, there is no proven link between CO2 and warming. There is just an unproven theory.

NASA thinks Antarctic ice sheet is growing:

It appears Arctic ice is also recovering from its low in 2012:

And to cap it off, it seems approx 80% of the Himalayan Glaciers have been stable for decades:

Go figure...

robertguyton said...

You are my David Bellamy, Paranormal.