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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The accelerated push for GMO's - Russell MacPherson plays the Judas goat.

"A visit to an experimental farm run by the Monsanto Corporation and others in the Mississippi delta has changed the way Southland Federated Farmers' president Russell MacPherson views genetic modification (GM)."

Russell. You 'visited' a Monsanto Corporation farm and came away excited about genetic engineering?

How quaint.

If you visited Disney Land, would you come away believing that Mickey Mouse was real?

Your promotion of GMO's for Southland is a direct threat to our well-being. 

I believe that what you have said in this article is anti-Southland and anti-Southlanders.

I am very disappointed in your pro-Monsanto position and dismayed that you have fallen for their propaganda, seemingly rejecting all of the work that Southlanders before you have put into developing crops and stock by traditional, tried and true, tested means. Buying into the Monsanto model is a serious mistake, Russell and I hope you get hauled over the coals for making it.

Southland needs to be protected from the threat of GMOs. You have served your union and your region poorly with your foolish views.

1 comment:

darkhorse said...

I wonder if monsanto can genetically modify Russell's stupid gene

or maybe they have and put it in the swedes he ate as a kid