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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quote of the day

"People vote National to protect their private wealth..."

That about sums it up.


Philip Todd said...

Its all so shallow isn't it. ACT wants bigger sentences for burglary. Only homes as that is their property. Then on TV Whyte was asked if he would like his children working at McDonalds. He almost went into shock at the suggestion but them said it was OK for others but not his kids. Apparently they deserve better. We are off into the two tier class system our ancestors come to NZ to escape. Unfortunately to achieve that you need a underclass without ambitions so lets wonder at why our education that has served NZ so well needs changing. Its a real worry

robertguyton said...

We need inspired teachers who are encouraged to teach in an inspiring manner.
Presently, the system works against them. I am teaching organic horticulture to adults this year. I aim to be inspiring. They hope to be inspired. No one's preventing our expectations from being met.

Paranormal said...

PT do you believe burglary is not a serious crime because all property is theft? That seems to sum up your thinking. The facts that:
- burglary victims feel violated and unsafe in their homes
- socio-economic status is irrelevant for burglars - rich and poor (more predonminantly poor) are preyed upon by burglars,
is it not a good thing to try and reduce burgalry crime in NEw Zealand?

Do you want your children working at McDonalds? I'd prefer mine aspired to more than "would you like fries with that" - mind you if they go for an Arts degree who knows.

Therein lies the real issue. The haves and the have-nots in New Zealand are not about money, but about aspiration. That's why the left are losing so many of those they consider traditional left voters - because the voters recognise the left do not share their aspirations for the future.

Philip Todd said...

All crime is bad Para but the focus on possessions before the person says a lot about the guy. The most serious crimes in NZ are those that affect the very young and the very old because they rely on others.
Your ability to take a bit out of a comment and make it into something else astounds me.
To be honest I did want other things for my children and they don't work at McDonalds but by god they had better respect those who do. Their choices were because of luck and nothing else. They could have been born in Ethiopia and starved but luckily they were born in NZ. Like every other child that was luck. They didn't pick their parents and we didn't pick them. Society should be about how we give the same opportunities to the unlucky ones and good leadership is the way to do that.