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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nandor says

"So, lets look at the silver lining. Lots of people are now motivated to ensure Key doesn’t get a third term. 
 This is a good time to harness some of that energy, not for political party work but for building a genuine constituency for change. 
 The thing that will ultimately define the shape of New Zealand is not politicians but the expectations of its citizens. 
 When there is a broad movement for a socially, ecologically and financially regenerative transformation, then the political parties needed to support that will be elected into Government. 
 But be warned – we are a long way from being able to deliver a compelling vision of the future."


Philip Todd said...

I wonder if the me me culture has got so ingrained that people fail to see the message or embrace any vision of the us. The people have made their choice and I don't want to say they are wrong.
The challenge now is to grab peoples minds and show them just what could be done so much better both for us and our future generations.
I wonder why someone wont come out firing on all cylinders and jump on the people ripping of our SOE's. Both the management and the directors are having field days yet cant wait to step aside the instance something goes wrong.
Cunliffe patronised to many people talking of poverty. The poor are often still proud and want opportunities not patronising.

robertguyton said...

That's right, Philip.
How are you going to 'graph people's minds...?
You are looking at the same route as I'm taking and I wonder what actions you will take to get to the goal.

darkhorse said...

I agree Philip

tho I wouldn't read too much into the election result - I think that the result was a sophisticated solution to the clear lack of a better alternative to Key - a least worst choice.

The populace knows that things are not looking good but the feeling I get is that autopilot is the best solution in the short term while the true nature of the mess clarifies. Then there are the delusionally hopefuls who always vote national and think that Todd Barclay will be a shining light in National in a decade or two - just like the last national party boy wonder Bill is :-)

gravedodger said...

Stubb it out Nandy he is into his third term and now gunning for four.

robertguyton said...

Gravy! It's a pleasure to have you visit. That election, eh!
The Nats cheated to win, and won.
You must be so proud!
I was disappointed, naturally enough, but have re-doubled my efforts to create a just and beautiful New Zealand. Spring is sprung and I'm planting like a crazy man! I've teased scores of apricots and peaches out of their pits and stones and they'll become part of my "southland-wide orchard" when the put on a bit of height. There is plum-blossom everywhere and wood-pigeons to match. You'd love it. Nandor would love it. You're like peas in a pod, you two :-)