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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

great tweet

On my bike ride to work this morning I said hello to horses, ducks, a chaffinch and a pukeko. Can't do that in a car.
3/09/14 9:40 am


Armchair Critic said...

Can't do it on a bus or a train, either. This is nice and whimsical, but it's not a great example of a reason to not commute by car.

robertguyton said...

True, but 'nice and whimsical' has more going for it than you might imagine, AC. It's important to be alert, but equally important to imbibe the romantic dew of life. Striking the balance is the art of living, in my view.

Philip Todd said...

Your missing out on the culture of the male car driver. You are safe in a metal and glass box with a horn you can use to frighten animals, pedestrians, cyclists and even other drivers. You have steering wheel you can grip when in a rage. You can safely get away after giving other drivers the fingers. You can pass the time by speeding up and slowing down to annoy other drivers. It brings out the inner beast. If you come from Gore there is a good chance you would have lost your virginity in a car in the centre plots. How can you compare all of that to chatting with a horse and smelling the roses.

Armchair Critic said...

I'm a public transport kind of commuter these days; the bike is locked up in a different city.

I get your point about the romantic dew of life, but during the morning commute is a bit early for that, in my office at least. Definitely no imbibing before ten and preferably wait until the day is done. To each their own, though.

It's true, too, that you can talk to all kinds of animals on the bus or train commute home if you've had enough to celebrate after work. Then public transport is definitely safer than a bike, even if your fellow passengers become alarmed.

robertguyton said...

We sound like Dr Doolittles with all this conversing with our furred and feathered friends!
I asked a question of an owl one time, but he answered with a question of his own.

JayWontdart said...

Did someone say feathered friends?

I ride my whopping 4k commute to work, wouldn't drive for love nor money. I love the feeling of "powering your own destiny", albeit simply getting to work on time! :-)

The biggest issue with biking to work, is bad weather and insane drivers. I don't mind riding in a bit of wind or rain, it's not great, but eh, what can you do? :-). The motorists though.....I'll never understand the mentality, where some/many people just "don't see" cyclists. I've had three "I'm gonna die" moments this year. Cars swerving in front of me, and a ute pulling out at the roundabout. "Just one of those wussy cyclists, eff 'im!" They didn't take into account my speed, approaching 40 kilometres an hour. If I didn't slam on the brakes.....I would have T-boned the Toyota and broke every bone in my body!

I've seriously considered taking a paintball gun for my commute. Any cars that cut me off, I'll reach over to the hook on my backpack, take aim splatters all over the rear windscreen!

The world would be a better place if more rode their bicycles.

robertguyton said...

There was, for a while at least, a Critical Mass ride through Invercargill streets to advertise the bicycle and those who ride them. Could have done with more riders, but there you go - not quite ready yet...