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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Commissioner to be appointed at school

"The Aparima College board of trustees parent representatives have resigned, with a commissioner set to be appointed to the school.

In a statement released last night, ex-board chairperson Kere Menzies said the parents decided they were unable to continue on the board because of a "breakdown between the board and school management".

The decision was made after a meeting this week, he said.

The parents retained full trust and support in the teaching staff and the quality of education being delivered at the Riverton high school, the statement said.

The former board believed the Ministry of Education would now put a commissioner in place of the board."


Bioneer said...

Jeepers. ah well, new blood is usually a good thing.

robertguyton said...

There'll be a commissioner and a close look at the going's-on there. Good thing alright.