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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Todd Barklay's a Slater/Lusk man

"There was widespread speculation that, prior to this election, many National Party MPs in safe seats had been told that it was time to step down. There are rumours of large cash payouts being made to sweeten the deal for some of them. Whatever the reasons and however it was managed, there has been a major clearing out of MPs – something that Slater has been crowing about and has taken delight in contrasting National’s rejuvenation’ with the retrenchment of Labour’s old guard in safe electorate seats.

Andrea Vance quoted Lusk’s prediction that the holders of several safe seats will retire including “John Key, Murray McCully, Gerry Brownlee and Bill English” and says that Lusk “confirms he is acting for potential successors.” Lusk claimed in an email to Slater that he has “at least half a dozen people in their twenties who will be in caucus one day”.

Predicting that politicians will retire is hardly proof of great political insight, but it’s interesting that one of the senior MPs who Lusk named, resigned his seat to go onto the Party List. Bill English was succeeded in Clutha-Southland by Todd Barclay who, by the age of 23, had got a degree, worked as a lobbyist for a tobacco company and as an intern for Hekia Parata and Gerry Brownlee, and gained sufficient political knowledge and nous to justify his selection for a National citadel formerly occupied by one of the Party’s most senior and respected people."


darkhorse said...

I wonder when fonterra and fed farmers will be run by 24 year olds.

A cold day in hell will be the omen for that happening.

The only value they could bring to this current government is that they are "biddable" as one cigarette salesman is already showing the mugs of southland. He has already set a very low price for his values. What value to the idiots of the national party think that a 24 year old will bring to governing the country?

robertguyton said...

Go ahead and ask them, dark horse. Drop Bill a line.
Mr Lusk seems a charming fellow - a kind-of 'uncle' figures for our aspiring young Nats.