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Monday, August 25, 2014

Nat resigns

I wish to inform the National Party that after being a member since 2003 I will be resigning my membership to the Party effective immediately

While it has been an adventure and I have met many new people along the way over the last 11 years I feel that the Party no longer presents my Social Liberal values nor is represents a Party that champions theCommon Good.

The Hager saga has also shown National to be lacking in the skills required to navigate through a stormy patch that do come up from time to time.

The Prime Minister, and the Hon Judith Collins acting in obfuscation, stretching the truth and belittling the intelligence of the populace through their handling of the situation has also been a catalyst for me leaving the Party.

Until such time National is more in line with my own values of Social Liberalism and the Common Good, as well as Collins no longer being an MP I will remain a political freelancer, my vote always that of a Swing voter.

Despite the mess National has gotten itself in I wish no ill upon members and MP’s who do the hard yards out in the electorates. Sadly a few bad apples ruin it for everyone else.

Thus I wish the Party all the best into the future and in acknowledgement that we might meet up again some day. I do point out I have no desire in joining any other Party either.

All the best to the campaign
And thank you for the last 11 years.

With Kind Regards

Ben Ross

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