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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Intriguing, isn't it!


Armchair Critic said...

Sounds interesting. If I'm in Auckland I might go. That being the case, I'll make sure you know about whatever happens as soon as it happens.

corokia green said...

I hope the event/revelations justify the hype and that this isn't a fizzer, because it will take media attention away from other parties in the important last week of the campaign. That's fine with me IF it is a game changer and it helps get rid of this government.Last year when the Snowden story broke, I was surprised at how little people seemed to care, so this needs to be a significant story that affects ordinary NZer's to overcome the distaste many people have for Dotcom and to have an effect on the election.

Hager's book has given National something else to worry about other than Dotcom. I bought a copy to support investigative journalism in this country, it's quite a read. I understand you are a National supporter AC, I am curious as to whether it has caused a stir inside the party.I read a post by Bomber suggesting that Paula Bennett might come out of this as a leadership contender, please can't National find some better people (and some who will act on climate change)

Better not spend too much of my precious day off online, got lambs to count and spring is approaching at great speed, so much to do in the garden. Have either of you had a go at growing quinoa? I'm also going to have a go at transplanting runner beans, I'm using the bed they've been in for other crops and I read a book on perennial veges which claimed they can be moved, so off to try that.

robertguyton said...

Thank you, AC. I appreciated the instamails from the GCSB meeting - it would be great to be there but almost as good to have a mate on the spot.

robertguyton said...

I've tried and failed to grow quinoa but can't see what it can't be done - I think the seed I was given was defunct. Runners, being perennial, will shift easily, but generally, people start from fresh beans.