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Thursday, August 21, 2014

In the Homepaddock today


Armchair Critic said...

I went there for a look earlier on this week.
It was a bit of fun when there was some discussion going on there.
It went a bit downhill when the resident trools got all offended that their dirty nest was being disturbed.
Then it became a bit of an echo chamber for a few months.
And when I was there early this week it had been reduced to a couple of people sitting around going "hrrrrumph!" between cups of tea and sherry.
I'd be interested to know how your comment got to be that way - did you do it yourself or did Ele modify what you wrote?

On an entirely unrelated subject, I trust you are well, and recovered from your trip. The photo-essay was lovely, but I kind of expected something a bit less descriptive and open to interpretation.

And yet another unrelated subject, thanks for quoting me. A friend thinks he discovered something similar during his years at university; it's been a great week for sharing research into sub-atomic particles.

robertguyton said...

Ele writes - [deleted - trolling] I beg to differ. She's amended my jibe to say [deleted - trolling and deluded] - I can't help but wonder at the ad hom response - still, she's under huge pressure now, what with her God's feet of clay now well revealed.

Armchair Critic said...

Oh, I see. She's a sensitive wee sausage.