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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dirty Politics - Danyl comments

"But some of the reporters listening to the PM have read the book. 
And when Key insists that the real dirty politics comes from the left, I think, or hope, that they’ll reflect that no one on the left is publishing the addresses of journalists online in the hope that someone assaults or murders them in revenge for writing about tax-havens, which is what Cathy Odgers, Cameron Slater David Farrar and Matthew Hooton discuss on page 91. 
Also, no one on the left is going around brothels trying to find out whether journalists have visited them, so they can be blackmailed, which is what Cameron Slater, the Justice Minister’s close friend, and long-term collaborator with the Prime Minister’s office is up to. 
No one on the left runs smear campaigns against attempted rape victims, or publishes graphic affidavits describing their political enemies having sex. 
There’s no one comparable to Slater on the left of politics, or blogging. 
He is a phenomenon unique to the National Party. 
 Key can insist that this is all just a lie, just a conspiracy story, but people who read the book know that this is simply documentation from Slater’s emails and that the Prime Minister is lying to their faces."


Jacqueline said...

Have you read the book Robert?

I finished it this morning. Our friend Inventory2 gets a mention (by name) which was nice for him.

It is a book full of vile behaviour but anyone that knows or has known Slater personally would not be shocked or surprised by much in it - or doubt the inegrity of Hager.

robertguyton said...

I've not, Jacqueline. I have though, read every excerpt that's been printed, blogged, tweeted or posted on-line. It's a sad state of affairs to learn the details of the depravity that is right-wing politics in New Zealand although as you know, many people have been calling it for a long time now. Tony will be in some sort of fizz now and I hope he feels just as appalling as it looks from the outside. Those he preaches to will be disturbed by what he's been doing, I'm sure.

Paranormal said...

And you are very deluded or naive to think this behaviour is not repeated across the political spectrum.

Who was it that:
- said that 'by definition' they couldn't leak, and
- destroyed the most senior policeman in the country's career with lies, and then appointed a spineless toady,

all whilst supported by the Greens?

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