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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Puckered plug - Riwaka

Strange fish - Wakapuaka

Sign - ceiling


Philip Todd said...

Lane Thompson was a well known Dunedin company. Mr Thompson had a holiday home at Waikouaiti and would come out most weekends in an old Rolls Royce. Apparently the car was used by the French Resistance during the war.

fredinthegrass said...

Welcome home!
Have you been away, Rg?
I have been concerned for your well being.

robertguyton said...

Philip - that's most interesting. The pictured bottle-top is in fact a huge advertising 'structure' that was back-lit and must have been affixed to the wall of a dairy in Riverton long ago. I found it 25 years ago, at the refuse site. It hangs now in a friend's house.

robertguyton said...

Thanks, Fred. I've been on an epic road-trip with my son; Chch, Greymouth, Nelson, Wellington, Foxton , Motueka, Oamaru, Dunedin and home, collecting all the while and meeting a myriad of very interesting people. It was, as the young folk say (or said) massive!
My being, btw, is well.

fredinthegrass said...

So pleased to hear your being 'is well''!
We used to live 40 minutes north of Foxton - much fun had on the wild and windy coast in that region.
Sand sandwiches, and sore eyes, but the pipi's were yummy.

robertguyton said...

Foxton was as calm as a mill-pond while I was there. The blades of the windmill turned not at all! I went to Foxton beach to see how far and wide it spread and no sand blew into my eye. Should've made sandwiches to take - that'd doubtless whip it up. Mind you, both the ferry crossings were as smooth as glass and crossing the Canterbury plains with a dory strapped to the top of the car was breathless, wind-wise, so perhaps it was just luck. No so lucky today - Southland's getting a battering and there's snow! Good to be home though. I miss weather.