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Monday, July 7, 2014

The climate's changed for National


Paranormal said...

You're right RG - National are on to a winner by ditching the ETS and carbon taxes.

The public have moved on. Your increasingly desperate publicity seeking warmists are showing their true colours. It's the beginning of the end for Big Carbon. Even the IPCC have changed their tune to adaptation rather than mitigation. Time you caught up before you're left behind.

darkhorse said...

and just perhaps you might have don nicholson for MP for southland - - I suspect colin craig is a smoke screen to keep everyone away from the real plot - the actiods will come through but maybe not in Epsom - there is only one other electorate that would be as intellectually numb to pull that trick off in and that could be the only reason why national would put a boy up in such a stupidly safe seat.

And the Actiods are so stupid that they can work well with National while the conservatives would be unpredictably nutty and likely to blow up in their faces - not that Act isn't wonderfully capable of the same sort of self-immolation - but they tend to do it to themselves which is harmless from a national perspective.

Just imagine it RG Don N as minister for the environment or minister for agriculture (one would be as scary as the other)

you would be compelled to eat a shovelful of coal every day just to meet your carbon quota.