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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rivers of my youth #2

This tidal river was the backdrop to a childhood memory for me. My dad worked as an accountant at a engineering business on the banks of this brackish river that runs through/beside the city of Nelson. Whenever I visited dad's work, I would go out back and muck around in the water. At times, according to the tide, I suppose, huge shoals of herring would swim up the river, for reasons I don't understand, and I would marvel at them, all silver and multitudinous. One day, as I was crossing the shallow water, a "dangerous fish:", possibly a barracuda, flashed past in pursuit of the herring. I was deeply scared by that one fish, against all logic. Tonight, I took this photograph. Over the two days I've been in Nelson, I've not seen a single fish in this river. And I've looked.


Philip Todd said...

If you were a Tory Robert you would be happy thinking that's good I must have caught them all.

robertguyton said...

Crossed that bridge 10 times now, Philip.
No fish.