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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Knotted carpet snake


Philip Todd said...

We live in a strange world today.
The shooting down of the Airliner this morning has the world sitting up in horror and all the world leaders commenting. Yet in the last month hundreds have been massacred in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and other spots throughout Africa, Eastern Europe and no doubt many other places I am unaware of. It makes me wonder if we have lost much of the ability to think for ourselves and become reliant on the media to prioritise importance or significance of events. I think even at a national level it has become the same and its almost inane some of the stuff we are being feed by media. Are we becoming wrapped in a bubble of our own little world because of this and inclined to consider and dismiss without any depth of understanding or even wanting to understand. She will be right mate as long as its not me. I frequently get despondent about the complete lack of values and integrity some people have in their drive to get what they personally want but then think what do I do for others apart from my family nowadays. I have had a life of privilege, never had to go to war,educated for free, (some may say that shows) never been unemployed or had to rely on another person or govt department, travelled the world extensively and managed to rub shoulders with some amazing people. I admire and envy people who have a single minded passion for something not matter what its for.(unless its for themselves and their pockets)
Can we live in a cocoon and think little about what goes on around us unless some new editor wants us to know? It seems so doesn't it. I really think something is missing but cant put my finger on it. Maybe its just old age. A year ago we flew over Afghanistan at 40,000 feet and 900 kms and hour and I made the remark that people would be sitting down below in the desert with one thought in their mind. How could I get something that would shoot that plane down.
My cocoon has just got smaller

robertguyton said...

You are thinking straight, Philip. The caccoon is shrinking fast and will leave us all revealed. Find others who are also thinking, that;s my advice.