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Monday, June 16, 2014

Storing apples for the winter

I've been wrapping Merton Russets in tissue-paper and stacking them in a box for the cold months. The time between the end of the apple season and the arrival of the early-season 'firsts' can be one that make me yearn for an un-cool-stored apple and with good luck, this coming spring I'll be able to help myself to as many tasty apples as I desire.


Anonymous said...

Kiaora Mr Guyton, we have been thinking about ways to preserve all of your apples.
So far we came up with:
Cooking, chemicals (which Matua Terry didn't like), canning, preserving in jars, covering, freezing & dehydrating.
But we have only just started finding out so we will write back soon.

Yours sincerely, Akomanga 15

robertguyton said...

Tena koutou nga tamariki o akomanga 15
Those ideas of yours are great and would work really well. I'm looking forward to hearing your other ideas for storing apples and maybe I'll try them. We have got loads and loads of apples here in our orchard and some of them are still on the trees. One way to store apples that you might not have thought of is to feed them to chooks then later eat the chooks. That way, the apples aren't wasted. They won't taste like apples though :-)