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Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Southlanders

"As a young graduate teacher Robert Guyton had a plan."
On the front page of today's Southland Times, Southlanders-who-were-once-out-of-towners describe why they have chosen the region as their place to be. I got asked the question and as a result made the paper, photo and all. Not only me though; Robyn and Leo, the three of us standing in our kitchen looking happy to be there, are illuminated by the limelight from the Times photographers camera, Robyn Edie. The section of the article that featured the Guytons was written by Cassandra Pokoney.
Here's the photo and here's the article.


Philip Todd said...

Good story Robert. After a bad week dealing with the local council who seem to have forgotten many of the values I think make our people and province a great place I was badly in need of some real news about real people.
I to think Southland is a great place to live but do worry about the self serving nature of many of our local body politicians. The fact they can be quite dishonest and so lacking in integrity has me
a bit shell shocked. At my age I should be past all that and above surprises. Perhaps its just the age we live in.

robertguyton said...

Will you spill, Phil? (the beans?)
The whole dishonest/lack of integrity thing has engaged my thinking from day one on the council. I think about it all the time and where I can I hold feet to fires. When they pull together though, they can get away. Banks and his mates are pullers, but they failed (this time). It's an encouraging sign though, of a dam cracking (there'll be a flood!)

Philip Todd said...

I will when I have had time to gather my thoughts. It seems to me to be like a rot that spreads and everyone gets caught up. ICC council uses the directorships as political tools for councillors and their mates and it works very successfully keeping them pulling together. Have no issue with anyone being fairly recompensed for their time but three times the average salary for some just to attend meetings is modern day piracy.

Bioneer said...

With so much cider on the table who couldn't be happy?

It would be funny to show yourself that picture to yourself 25 years in the past.

robertguyton said...

You'd be the toddler :-)

darkhorse said...