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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Slippery Jack and White Sweet Clover

Up early from my Arrowtown bed to go down to the riverside to collect the white melilot seeds I'd spotted there the day before. Not knowing what the plant was at first, I asked at the museum where they had a field-guide to the wild-flowers of Arrowtown, and therein I discovered that they were white melilot, aka white sweet clover. They should establish successfully here in my garden, I'm sure.

When I got back to the house, I cooked the slippery jacks, aka sticky buns, aka larch boletus I'd picked the previous evening while on our walk to the lookout above the town. Yesterday's weather, btw, was extraordinarily warm, hot even, sunny, calm and most un-winter-like. Gorgeous day. It was World Whiskey Day as well, and Geoff and I splashed out on a 16 year-old whiskey that tasked like smoked peat. I guess that's good.


Anonymous said...

Do you peel the boletes? I've not had much luck cooking the slippery ones.

robertguyton said...

I didn't, but just now read that I should've. They tasted good, even though I forgot to add salt and pepper and had no garlic. I was determined that I would cook and eat the bolete, as it's easy to know about something but fairly useless unless you do it :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to have another go, they're the commonest mushroom I see.

robertguyton said...

You live amongst larches?