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Friday, May 9, 2014

Letter - "Misspoke"

The Southland Times Friday 9 May

Your paper reports (Thursday 8 ) that “Mr Key misspoke” when defending Judith Collins.
 He claimed something that proved to be untrue. 
 Mrs Collins misspoke, we are assured, when she claimed she had ‘popped in for a cup of tea on the way to the airport’. 
 Both Mr Key and Mrs Collins seem to be regularly misspeaking around the Orivada “affair”. 
 Are we ordinary New Zealanders expected to believe that misspeaking is now the norm in politics, or should we expect honesty from politicians like John Key and Judith Collins (not to mention John Banks, Peter Dunne and any other Government MP that has been revealed as “misspeaking”?) 
 I looked "misspoke" up in the dictionary, just to check that wasn’t a word that the Government had invented to make what used to be called “lying” sound better. 
 Turns out, it’s an old word. 
 The example they gave was, “The lead actor misspoke his lines”. 
 I thought that quite apt.

Robert Guyton

(John Key's in Invercargill today. Hope gets a chance to read the paper :-)

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