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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lawyer's wig on the lawn



Ray said...

Be quick to eat them as they don't last long
Be careful though as there is said to problems if you drink alcohol at the same time
That said they didn't know about that when we gathered and ate them in France and there were no effects for us
We used a special Opinal knife that had a curved blade and a brush to collect them, love the passion they bring to this sort of thing

robertguyton said...

I had an Opinel given to me by a French friend, til I misplaced it, though mine was of the ordinary sort. I too trialled the 'don't mix with alcohol' theory, and found it wanting. These fungi taste good. There's a patch I know of that is populated by up to 100 in a good season. I like to visit after dusk. You're a truffel man, Ray, as I recall.

robertguyton said...


Akmos17 said...

Byron probably snitched a bunch of lies on the person like he has his family.
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