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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Homepaddock lunacy

This from Ele Ludemann:

"A farming couple had a request from a student who wanted to look for evidence of a rare insect species on their property.

They were happy to do so until neighbours warned them not to.

They’d allowed a student to do something similar on their farm then had restrictions placed on what they could do as a result of what was found."

It's a sad state of affairs, that you, dear reader will probably recognise immediately, but Ludmann, National Party southern chair and hack, is oblivious to. Endangered insects are discovered, then protected by legislation. Ludmann recommends, obliquely and damagingly,  that if farmers find such insects, they should hide the discovery from authorities, for fear that they will be prevented from converting the habitat the insects occupy into pasture for cows or whatever. Stuff the rare insects, they don't produce sale-able milk or meat, Luudman 'says' through her warning to farmers. Insects! Hurrumph!
It's the little things that give you away. All the talk of farmers being environmentalists is revealed as pish when comments like Ludemann's surface from the effluent that under-lies farms. 

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Paranormal said...

What did you expect RG? When property owners can't trust government bodies not to mess with their property rights, of course there will be consequences.

Ele is only reporting what happens all around the country. It's the same around our way. After the Taupo ETA was delayed for months because they found some moa bones, if anyone digging on their property finds something of interest, it is buried straight away.