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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hip-flask, punked

Have I done enough? This pewter hip-flask bought real cheap at a second-hand store looked like something that would fit nicely into the pocket of a gentleman-botanists morning coat. And it does, though to give it that steampunk patina, I added the copper dog-tags that have bided/bade their time for decades now, in an old leather doctor's bag under my bed. Now they're out and glinting tantalisingly in the light of day. The lid too has been flossed-up with the addition of a very old cut-glass side-light from an ancient carbide bicycle-headlamp.
But is it enough? Should I add copper tubes and other such gee-gaws? It's hard to know where to stop :-)


Ray said...

Look very good it, but I do wonder if your epitaph might be
"It's hard to know where to stop ;-) "

Thinking of your PM obsession here

robertguyton said...

I'm in therapy.
When Key is seen off in September, it'll be very difficult for me not to crow, but by then, the therapy might have has effect.
Let's hope so.

robertguyton said...


Cally said...

Love it! As for whether to add more to it - it depends on whether you plan to sit it on a shelf to look at, or to use it as a hip flask. If the latter, more bits would probably just catch on your clothes. Personally, I'd just add a goodly dollop of Glenmorangie.

robertguyton said...

Yours is good advice, Cally, as is your taste in whiskey! From your blog, I loved the slice of wood you rescued from the fire-wood-cutting and brought indoors for display - that's just the sort of thing I do! That's not to mean I only like things that reflect my own world...or does it?