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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Frankly, Judith...

The Editor Dominion Post . 

I am tempted to suggest that the pressures of Parliamentary life has finally become too much for Judith Collins, and she has lost the plot. 
 How else to describe her attempted character assassination of a TV1 reporter. 
 But it goes far deeper than that. This was Collins' own nasty character coming out in a very public way. 
 This was a ruthless attack upon a member of the media - an attempt to make an example of one journalist and to send a thinly disguised message; "don't mess with me or my National Party mates".  This is the same arrogance that landed Aaron Gilmour in hot water last year, and motivated Paula Bennett to release private details of two solo-mothers back in 2009. 
 Whatever the reason, this should serve as a clear warning to all journalists not to share their private details with politicians. 
 When politicians like Collins are backed into a corner, they will either surrender and resign with good grace - or, like a cornered, feral rat in a Karen Walker suit, lash out. 
 September 20th can't come fast enough. 

Frank Macskasy

Good man, Frank.

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