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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Catch-up images

Back in the public domain again (apologies for the inconvenience and thanks to those who needled me)
In the Queen's Park yesterday, I found fungi:

A tree-trunk of note also.

While walking around town, I spotted this ghost-bustery character all splatted on the macadam.

Back home, out in the garden, there are fruits. I learned that in order to photograph shiney surfaces, I have to include something textured amongst them.

The last of the hanging quinces.

There are flowers about. This pea-flower, all dewed-up delighted me.

And the first of my brugmansia blooms is creating a real stir. It's green and now as long as my hand and forearm!

If you don't like these, I've others!


fredinthegrass said...

Apologies accepted Rg.
Gosh! And I thought I was never going to hear from you again. Glad to be back in the fold.

robertguyton said...

That's very kind, Fred. I find that if I try to suppress my commenting here, it bursts out elsewhere :-)
Best to keep a rein on it.

Philip Todd said...

Here was me being paranoid and thinking I had been excommunicated.
By the way big pat on the back for ES councillors seeing through the yacht race fiasco before committing public funds. Looks like a well run con and some swallowed it hook line and sinker

Suz said...

Ditto me, Philip..."You have not been invited"..ouch ;)

robertguyton said...

I'm very sorry about that - I didn't see the "You have not been invited" message, being the only guest, and didn't realise I was broadcasting an electronic slap in the face. My profuse apologies (again).
I'm pulling on my hair-shirt and will wear it all week (til the weekend, that is :-)
I may also lash myself with nettles and maybe rend my garments, I'm not decided yet. Perhaps a soapy mouth-wash?
Could take me a day to decide.

Suz said...

Flag the self-flagellation Robert, it's so passe...simply reflect on your sins and vow to do better in the future. Amen!!

robertguyton said...

Okay, but can I at least reflect til it hurts?

robertguyton said...

As the Buddha did?

Armchair Critic said...

I'm pleased your blog is back, Robert.

robertguyton said...

Nice to have your attention and comments again, AC.

Armchair Critic said...

I've battened down the hatches, awaiting an impending storm and hoping to not get too badly damaged. As is often the case, I'm answering my emails.