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Friday, April 4, 2014

Today's letter to the editor - climate change

By now, all but a few denialists can see that we humans have disturbed the climate and created serious problems for people living in areas that are becoming too drought-striken, flood-prone or storm-wracked for safe living or productive agriculture.
 New Zealand will not suffer as other countries will, according to the climate scientists. That's lucky for us but the question arises: should we do anything to help those people around the world who will have to flee their homelands or face starvation because of the destructive climate? 
 The most immediate thing New Zealanders could do, is reduce the amount of gas we put into the atmosphere that is shared by the whole world. 
 The less we put into the air here, from car exhausts, farm animals, coal burning and so on, the less damaging the future climate will be across the globe. 
 Our Government does not appear to be taking any useful steps to curb the country's greenhouse gas emissions, in fact, they are driving a marked increase of emissions through their pro-industry policies.  We are, as a country, adding to the serious problem that other people will have to face. I think it's shameful and selfish to pretend we can't do anything about it.
 New Zealanders need good leadership around climate change. 
 We are not getting that from this Government. 



bsprout said...

Isn't it pathetic that the Green Party is the lone voice in our parliament regarding climate change while it dominates mainstream politics in the US

robertguyton said...

Key threatens to ridicule the Greens for their position on climate change by bellowing that their plans will "cost the country billions". His claim is made-up by him, that is, he's misleading the public. That's not new or even surprising now - we are all so used to him doing that that it no longer startles New Zealanders when they realise they are being lied-to. Responding to those methods is the challenge. Taking the power of a lie and using it to acheive your own aim is what it takes to prevail. In the case of climate change, it's vital that those telling the truth do prevail.

Paranormal said...

Soooo, Dr Judith Curry is an arch denialist in your book now. And just because she's decided to look at the science rather than follow the politics.