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Friday, April 11, 2014

Simple Simon Bridges (telling lies in the House)

10 April 2014 at 8:41 am

Simple Simon met a mine man,
mining here and there;
Says Simple Simon to the mine man,
How about right here?

The mine man Says to Simple Simon,
Is it not a special forest?
Says Simple Simon to the mine man,
Only if you’re honest.

Simple Simon walked away,
He thought about some drilling;
Printed permits night and day,
Had oil barons grinning.

Simple Simon topped it all,
With porkies in the chamber;
Ministers should really know,
The Ministers they’re naming


darkhorse said...

you would have to wonder if the national party has trained him to act like a plonker he does it so well and so consistently

robertguyton said...

I believe he does so on purpose in order to irritate the opposition and environmentalists. He has nothing to lose by being obstreperous and ignorant - whadda we gonna do?
His insistence over Russel is not through stupidity, but by design.

Paranormal said...

You have to thank Winston - he always said he would bring more Bridges to Tauranga....

And spot on analysis there RG