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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter egg trail

The Easter Bunny had made a nest in our cob oven, woven from birch-twigs and lined with autumn leaves, into which he'd placed 5 chocolate eggs. The two young children of the couple from Geraldine who stayed with us for the weekend followed a paper-clue trail around our garden in order to find the eggs and were delighted to find that he'd done right by them. Here's the moment of discovery!


Shunda barunda said...

Hi Robert, did that storm give you any grief? We got hammered pretty hard, my nursery is a complete mess. I have lost pretty much all my favorite trees, I feel like I have lost some dear friends, is it right to mourn the loss of trees? I hope you guys missed the action, it went from exhilarating to heart breaking pretty fast :( Hope all is well with you and your family.

robertguyton said...

Hi Shunda - it's great to hear from you though I'm sorry you suffered a set-back like that! Your storm sounded really bad and I wondered how you and your family had fared. Losing trees is bad news and yes, all losses should be mourned (but not in a mournful way :-)
We did in fact, miss the action. All was calm and oddly warm down here. There was flooding up-country, but Riverton sailed blissfully on, largely unaware of trauma on the coast and anywhere north. Visitors told us on narrow escapes from flood-waters, but it seemed remote. All my kin are well and doing well and I hope yours are too. The post that follows this one will give you a clue as to my latest incarnation - I'm becoming sasquatchian in my mien so when I turn up at your place in late July, possibly/probably, don't be too taken-aback! We'll talk via email before then.
Keep your chin up, Shunda, we are thinking positive things about you!