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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Storm cover blown away

(Clever title, Southland Times/Fairfax)

"New Zealand's natural-disaster claims in 2013 were the highest in a decade. More than $175 m was paid out because of big storms, the Insurance Council of New Zealand says in its annual report."

There ya go then, ostriches.


gravedodger said...

Very astute Robert,
Pivot irrigators in 1840 were mainly male and a highrise was a roof space.

robertguyton said...

Ha! Pivotal irrigators.
That's good.

Paranormal said...

Taking GD's point, have a read of Disaster by Design to help explain why, at a time when storms are not that prolific, we're getting higher insurance claim values. Centre pivots are a good example.

This will play to one of your hobby horses, but not the AGW one.