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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Riverton; beautifully calm


bsprout said...

...before the storm?

robertguyton said...

Before the calm.
Ele Ludemann's snide comment has helped both Labour and the Greens here in Invercargill, following Annette Gunther, ex-National Party branch chairman's condemnation of the remarks in today's Southland Times. Ludemann and her loyal followers won't discuss it at all, not for a moment, no matter how much they are prompted. That shows they are holding their breath, hoping the issue dies. It shouldn't. Behaviour like that is standard practice for the National Party, in my experience and should be exposed for the public to see :-)

bsprout said...

I'm sure they will slip up again, the temptation to repeat that kind of thing will be too great. Our best response is to not be as shrill as them ourselves. The Party's approach will be to bat each such attack in a bemused but positive way like Metiria's tour through her castle-priceless ;-)