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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Greens 14%

Sunny, sunny day in Riverton.


Armchair Critic said...

Not so long ago we had a poll that said the Greens had shed about 6%. This was said to be due to Norman's dealings with Dotcom.
Then we had another poll that said the Greens were back up to their customary low teens (without explanation) but Labour are down about 6%, due to something or other about Cunliffe.
Now we have yet another poll that says things are back to where they've been for a couple of years, with left and right blocks pretty closely tied. It's tempting to suspect some of the results were strongly driven by an unstated agenda.
In any case, I suspect they are all wrong. One of them may be informative and representative of the electorate's voting intentions.

robertguyton said...

The polls are rank