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Friday, February 28, 2014

Calf bludgeoning

'Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has moved to stop farmers bludgeoning unwanted bobby calves to death."

He must be some sort of bleeding-heart Liberal, some sort of vegan hippy, perhaps an eco-terrorist, yes?


Joe W said...

Will Guy be, um, interposing his body between farmer & calf?

robertguyton said...

We can only hope.
I wish David Carter had taken this initiative when he was Agriculture Minister. It would have saved us from his present painful behaviour as Speaker.

Ray said...

Almost surely responding to a bunch of people who really do not want to think about where their meat comes from
I can't blame the greenies for this as you are mostly are realistic about this
Personally the fastest way to put an animal out of pain is a hit on the head

robertguyton said...

Bobby calves aren't in pain, Ray. They just got born with the wrong gender.

Thud, thud, thud!!

Armchair Critic said...

That nice Mr Farrar said the greens want to kill cows. All the cows.
This fellow wants to not kill cows.
Therefore he's not a tree hugger. Well, that or Mr Farrar is full of it. And possibly both.

robertguyton said...

Mr Farrar loves veal to a fault.