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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A must-go-to, Dunedinites


corokia green said...

Go on, gizza clue.
Someone got a really big spirograph?

We wrote "no off shore drilling" on the beach at Port Craig when we visited there recently, watched by the local Hectors dolphins.

robertguyton said...

Either that or the crops are all in.

Those Hectors are tiny, aren't they. Worthy of protection.

corokia green said...

They were SO cool. We saw them each time we went to the beach.
Hard to photograph with a digital camera though, because of the delay. Seeing them was a great bonus to our trip down to your rohe. Had to head straight back, so no time for a visit to the Riverton food forest, hope to one day :-)

robertguyton said...

A woman from the Dunedin Vegetable Growers Club was one of today's forest-garden 'tourists'.