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Monday, August 19, 2013


"Key says that, once the Fonterra-tainted whey inquiries are completed, he will "travel to China and look down the barrel of their television cameras with the answers as to why this happened, give consumers confidence that it's been fixed and all issues have been identified".

But imagine how frightening that will be for the Chinese. The unprecedented public appearance of a foreign head of government apologising for his government, his country and its largest business will persuade the Chinese the botulism issue was far, far bigger than ever admitted at the time.

He will damage, not rebuild, confidence in New Zealand.

If Key feels like apologising, he should start at home.

Having ditched its roadmap of policies and principles, the Government is taking the public for a scary ride. It is getting more reckless by the day."

Just one of the 7 demolition-jobs Rod Oram does on the Key-led National Government.
Read the other 6 here. They are all good, if quite disturbing. What a dog's breakfast this Government is making.


Armchair Critic said...

Do we have someone else we could send instead?

robertguyton said...

Te Radar?