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Monday, August 12, 2013


Golden rod is a color that resembles the goldenrod plant. A Crayola crayon with this name and color, although a lighter version, was created in 1958.

Co-incidence, right there! That's when I was created!

Were these created that year also? 

I don't know *said in a Peewee Herman voice

Today, I was given several clumps of goldenrod, the plant. I was more than a little excited by the gift, as I had been wishing for some golden rod for many years, although I'd made no effort to secure any.
I hope it will become a feature of my forest-garden and of the community forest-orchard behind Riverton's fire-station, where I'll spend tomorrow morning with Shaun and Regan, planting fruit trees, old carrots and black currants.
And goldenrod (the plant).

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