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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Apples for sale!

Today will be a very busy day, going by past sales. Saturday's the best opportunity for people from outside of Riverton to head into our wee sea-side village to buy their fruit trees and head they will.
We've a plethora of marvelously-named heritage apple trees this year (pears too, and plums, medlar, quince and cherry) and here are some of those:
Cornish Aromatic
Claygate Pearmain
Crimson Bramley
Belle Bonne
Devonshire Quarranden
Gooseberry (yes, it's an apple!)
Irish Peach (yes!)
Golden Deliscious
Kentish Fill Basket
Kidd's Orange Red
Kingston Black
London Pippin
Merton Russet
Munroes' Favourite
Peasegood Nonsuch
Rall's Janet
Renette de Canada
Ribbston Pippin
Ross Non Pariel
Worster Pearmain

The photo accompanying this post is of the two remaining Fraser Orchard trees that I visited on Wednesday in order to get scion-wood before the livestock finally destroy the trees. They are wonderfully shaped and the light was just right.

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