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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Times letter on tax

This latest tax from the Government puzzles me.
 Firstly because John Key promised us he was against taxing New Zealanders but now, on top of the rise in GST he has already imposed on us all, there is this petrol tax rise. 
Petrol is already expensive enough and not only will we have to shoulder this extra tax, we'll have to accept two more tax increases from the Government in the form of rising petrol prices in the near future. That's a lot of taxing from someone who claimed he wouldn't tax us. 
What makes it even more difficult to understand, is the Government's claim that selling assets would give them billions of dollars to spend on everything New Zealanders need and pay off all our debt at the same time. 
Why then, does Mr Key need to squeeze more money out of each of us with these petrol taxes?



JayWontdart said...

The guy is mentally taxed by "three way handshakes"! :-)

Sent you an email Robert, we would love if you could join us, just confirming numbers :-)

robertguyton said...

Got it and have replied, Jordan. Thanks.