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Friday, July 26, 2013

Rike's away


I spent the morning laying waste to Jeremy's orchard. His wife and children are visiting Germany, and so we took the opportunity to prune like men and prune we did, he with his chainsaw, me with my hand-saw. Limbs fell like pick-up sticks. Rike will be horrified, initially, then delighted, I assured Jeremy. He seemed not to be bothered by the thought of an irate wife, so we surged on through the morning, thinning out hazel copses and lifting the skirts of pears and plums. It's going to be a lovely orchard to look upon, once we've finished and the fallen limbs are fire-wooded. Jeremy's orchard will be like an extension of mine and mine his. Robyn and Rike will be ever so grateful for our manly activities.

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