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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Key's petrol tax

Thanks very much, Mr Key. Petrol prices at their highest ever - just what New Zealanders need right now.


Armchair Critic said...

What do you care, Robert? It's well known that it's Green party policy to immediately ban all fossil fuel use if they ever get into power, and any use of a car by anyone who ever voted Green is the height of hypocrisy. Even owning a car and not using it is unacceptable, because the steel was made using coal.

Frank said...

@ Armchair Critic - and yet, AC, you choose to live in a country that brands itself as "Clean and Green"?!

What was that you were saying about hypocrisy?

Frank said...

From Key's speech in 2008, "SPEECH: 2008: A Fresh Start for New Zealand"

"Why are grocery and petrol prices going through the roof?"


(More good stuff to mine in that speech.)

robertguyton said...

So thick, your spoofin', AC. Yes, I'm disqualified from commenting on petrol prices, escalating as they are, because I've traveled by car. That Tory argument has me floored. If ever I'm on the spot when a Tory is in need of rapid transport to a hospital, I shall have to say, 'can't, I'm disqualified by my opposition to deep-sea oil drilling, and can't take the wheel for fear of being branded 'hippo-crete'. I'm sure he'll understand.

Frank - thanks for that key-speech-link. That's the kind of mining I'm into :-)

Armchair Critic said...

Hi Frank. I can't claim to not be a hypocrite. Sometimes I neglect to finish my comments with a /sarc tag. Since you asked about grocery and petrol price rises - is it because National like to increase taxes, like GST and petrol excise?

Armchair Critic said...

and FTR the bit about steel needing coal was a reference to a particularly glib answer from Simon Bridges today.

robertguyton said...

Bridges is a particularly unpleasant Tory. Steel, it has been noted, does not require coal for it's production. Wood does just fine (in charcoal form).