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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Conscience vote - but not for the naughty little Nats

That's right, Big Daddy Key has banned his wee boys and girls from voting according to their conscience, the way every other member of Parliament will be doing on the Sky City Gambling Bill. Those National MPs can't be trusted to exercise their vote by themselves, they'll be doing as they are told and voting the way Key demands they vote. What a sad and pathetic end to this sleazy deal between John Key and Sky City. How tawdry. How icky.


Joe W said...

There are live consciences still amongst the Nats? Who might the suspects be? Presumably Key's confident that none will crutch across the floor of parliament on their spines of rubber.

robertguyton said...

None will. They all fear the smiling assassin. Evil days indeed.

Paranormal said...

So Green party policy in the house will always be a conscience vote?

robertguyton said...


Paranormal said...

That seems to be the logical outcome of your demand the Gnats place their policy, campaigned on at the last election, to a conscience vote.

robertguyton said...

I'm certain the Green MPs would be more than happy to 'conscience vote' on any issue they'd campaigned on previously - why wouldn't they? They are people with integrity and they are honest as the day is long.

Paranormal said...

Oh, and all this time here was me thinking the Green MPs are politicians.

robertguyton said...

I know it's impossible for you to conceive, Paranormal. I didn't mean to cast you into the Abyss of Self-Doubt. Stick to your cynical belief. It's comfortable for you and you won't have to change a single view.

Paranormal said...

So the winners of the venal popularity contest that is politics are pure as the driven snow?

Excuse my cynicism RG but you only need to look at the Greens history to see that you are looking on your heroes with very rose tinted glasses. They have had their fair share of scandals - it's just that they've been below the radar so the spotlight has not been held on them as it will be now they are looking to gain from Liarbours woes.

fredinthegrass said...

They are ................and honest as the day is long.
I am sure Rg, you must be referring to the an Arctic winter day.

robertguyton said...

Green scandals, paranormal?
That's not true.
Fred, you and para are hard-bitten cynics, little wonder you feel uncomfortable with the Green-way - it all must seem so foreign to you, the honesty, the integrity, the genuineness.

Armchair Critic said...

I have head that pokie machines are a form of entertainment, rather than proper gambling. If it's true then no conscience vote is needed for this aspect of the bill. National MPs can be whipped into line to support the extraction of money from locals who can ill afford it in order to fund a convention centre for overseas visitors.
I've also head that the convention centre will make a profit. Hard to believe, not many convention centers do. More likely, the government will end up subsidizing it, and the question is how open they will be about it.

Paranormal said...

Now you're the one being disingenuous RG.

How about the Green accommodation allowance scam that showed they were no better (albeit far better organised and structured) than Liarbour MP's caught out in similar scams and certainly no different to double dipping Bill from Dipton?

robertguyton said...

Complete nonsense, paranormal. The two issues are not alike. To claim that the Double-Dip episode is in the same league or any way approaching the changes the Green MPs had to make to their housing arrangements in Wellington, reveals your prejudice. I believe I followed the 'charges' closely and was prepared to condemn, and while it was not 'best practice', it was not the corrupt behaviour you would wish us to believe it was. Double-Dipping Bill From Dipton's was though, no question.

Shane Pleasance said...

Here are the Nats vision and values.
Cognitive dissonance much?

National's Vision For New Zealand:

The National Party seeks a safe, prosperous and successful New Zealand that creates opportunities for all New Zealanders to reach their personal goals and dreams.

We believe this will be achieved by building a society based on the following values:

• Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles and our Sovereign as Head of State
• National and personal security
• Equal citizenship and equal opportunity
• Individual freedom and choice
• Personal responsibility
• Competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement
• Limited government
• Strong families and caring communities
• Sustainable development of our environment

robertguyton said...

I wonder if Eric Roy could read through that list without choking? I saw him in a cafe today. Should've asked him to give it a go.