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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Robert John Keydoon


Armchair Critic said...

So here's the situation. It's the middle of winter and a National PM (nearing the end of his tenure due to falling popularity for his government and a loss of trust from the voting public) thinks he has lost the ability to govern due to the behaviour of one of his MPs, so in a slurred voice he calls a snap election.
Sound like 1984? Or 2013? Or possibly both? That would make it Key = Muldoon.
KS Is up to his tricks again Robert. I tried to get a comment on this theme published, but mysteriously it hasn't appeared. Too confrontational? Doesn't fit the narrative?

robertguyton said...

A sad little dictatorette, that's all.

DarkHorse said...

muldoon gave us hydropower schemes, smelters taranaki oil and gas etc. Key has gven us stadiums cycleways casinos and a(nother)housing bubble
and at least muldoon was entertaining in his own awful way. Key has no idea - Muldoon had too many

I think you insult muldoon by comparing him to key (or flatter key)

Paranormal said...

Sorry the comparison continues to pale.

The closest we've come to Muldoon in the past couple of decades was Clarkula.

She has a political talent that was able to cement support around her. She manipulated and controlled to a greater extent than any one of her contemporaries. And like Muldoon it will probably take more than a generation for the nation to recover from her damage (if it can find the will) - socially, economically and constitutionally.