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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Prime Minister Winston Peters

That's how I'm calling it. Winston's long-game is to make National and Labour so beholden to him that they'll have to give him Prime Ministership in order to have him and his party on board. Both would do it. This will give supporters of both parties conniptions. Good times.


Armchair Critic said...

Satire is not your strong suit Robert.

robertguyton said...

How would anyone know?
I've never tried it :-)

fredinthegrass said...

Not often I find myself agreeing with you, AC.
But I worry for Rg. This is the second weekend in a row he seems to have been too long in the herbal patch.

Armchair Critic said...

Well, if you are being serious then I disagree with your contention.
For Winston to be PM he would have to:
Win more of the party vote than any other party, including National, Labour and the Greens. Possible but very unlikely.
Either or both the major parties would have to campaign on sharing the Prime Ministership with Peters. Improbable. They would also have to then win the election. I have a better chance of winning lotto than of the aforementioned sequence of events occurring.
A shared Prime Ministership would be negotiated as part of a coalition agreement, after the election. Possible, and very risky. Though they both have many flaws, I believe that neither National nor Labour are stupid enough to do this. Coalition? Yes. Shared PM? No, and god help us if I'm wrong.
Perhaps you could provide a plausible basis for your post. Are you trying to frighten people?

robertguyton said...

It's commonly believed that Winston will plump for Deputy PM . Which ever party he sides with. It's only one step up to PM and at his point in the cycle, what's he got to lose?

darkhorse said...

and really is he worse than the alternatives

watching a bit of the parliament show on tv lately and he seems to be the only one with any fight in him - and usually on the right side of thr argument and god knows who leaks stuff to him but he must have more dirt on his fellow MP's then the GCSB/SIS note he is now referring to Dunne as "no fool like an old fool" suggesting that he is a victim of feminine wiles and he has obviously seen all of the emails to the rather attractive fairfax reporter that the GCSB obviously haven't intercepted and as good as said so.

and AC would any of the boring servants of the status quo that pass for our "representatives" do a better job of leading the country

Armchair Critic said...

Neither National nor Labour show much inclination to lead the country. I suppose that comes from their application of their core values, which require the country to be managed, rather than lead.
Would Winston do worse? That's a question that requires a long and detailed answer, and it isn't something I've put much thought to. The aim of my comment was to suggest that irrespective of whether he would do a good job or not, Winston is unlikely to be PM.

paulinem said...

I agree AC re Winston PM ..but I smell the party or parties he will support for Govt wont be Labour/green but National for the right incentive for Winston say deputy . forget his rhetoric etc ..his history shows this is often in the long run just empty rhetoric!!
Winston is getting older this next term will most likely be his last one as Dunne is finished re into retirement age...

robertguyton said...

He's been many things in Parliament, but never Prime Minister. This time round, he'll go for gold. What party, given that he was their only option to Govern, would be able to deny his request? He'll demand Key goes back to Hawaii as well. Judith Collins as Deputy.
If that doesn't send a shiver down your spine, you're probably dead.

Armchair Critic said...

I think paulinem is correct in that a National NZ First coalition is the more likely of the two. Not because National are more craven in their desire for power (that's another subject, and in any case I'm not sure they are) but because it would not require NZ First to work with the Greens.
The comparison between Peters and Dunne is interesting. Dunne left parliament due to his compounding of his difficulties with his zipper (or a desire for such difficulties, we were assured) and difficulties with the truth. Winston is nine years older than Dunne and will only leave parliament care of a box, of either the ballot or silk lined mahogany with silver handles variety.

robertguyton said...

I don't think Dunne had zipper troubles, personally. I think he mishandled the conversations he was having with Vance, due to his inexperience with the medium. Too jokey/flirty/intimate and not self-aware enough to see where it might take him or what it might lure him to say. I don't see a honey-trap, nor do I see lovers trysts.

JayWontdart said...

Have you see Peter Dunnes secret diary? HILARIOUS!

"He said, "You need all the followers you can get. Our numbers are low.

"In fact, the party's got less than 500 members. By law, we could be deregistered."

I said, "How'd this happen?"

He said, "Oh, you know how it is. People died, and didn't let us know."

"I said, "What's it mean if we're deregistered?"

He said, "Well, for a start, it means you won't be able to claim your $100,000 leader's budget."

I said, "Good God. Make sure this doesn't get out.""

Paranormal said...

I'm going to pinch myself to make sure I'm not imagining it. Nope, I am awake and agree with Paulinem. Winnie's recent siding with Key on the GCSB bill is a good indicator. Winnie has proven in the past it's all about what's in it for him. Following the 2005 election he went with the coalition that offered him the most after treating with both sides. Voters would do well to remember that.

One issue that may have been overlooked though. He has to make it back into parliament. Last election he gained support as the only one that could keep the Gnats 'honest'. He seems to have failed in that and I wonder how many would vote for him again next election.

robertguyton said...

Keeping them honest! Good point, Para. No one has managed to do that.

Armchair Critic said...

I think that people who vote for NZ First (never me, for the record) do so oblivious of the record of what they have done previously. The vote seems to be based on what Winston promises to do, it's all very aspirational.