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Friday, June 14, 2013

Macskasy on Farrar

"I occassionally read Farrar’s posts – but not the comments that follow. In my opinion, the majority are written by poorly educated yokels who simply repeat bigotry ad nauseum."



Armchair Critic said...

I cant believe I spent 40 minutes typing up a comment, only to have it eaten by the internet with aa sentence and a half to go.
"The world is all that is the case". That's poetry.
Frank has mised the point. I doubt that most of the commenters at Kiwiblog are either yokels or uneducated. Their views are often revolting. However. TBC....

robertguyton said...

Frustration City Limits, AC!
Use a word document, if it's a biggie :-)
Looking forward to TC (inuation).

Armchair Critic said...

I can't believe it - I lost part two.
Right, the condensed version. I expect most of the commenters at kiwiblog are educated, and they keep their extreme views in check most of the time. Kiwiblog is an outlet for their extreme views. It reflects the views of part of our society and we do ourselves a disservice by dismissing them offhand. While many of the views expressed are abhorrent, the people that express them undoubtedly hold some standing within their communities.
The way to counter this issue to beat them at their own game, without descending to the same level. I see David Farrar as the flagbearer for the people who have commandeered the language, and it is essential to regain control the narrative. Russel Norman threatened to do this with his "Key = Muldoon" analogy, hence the vehement reaction. It's a long term project and the comments section at kiwiblog is useful, both as an illustration of the benchmark to improv upon, and as a source of feedback on progress.

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