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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Key takes one in the chook


How Key sees Norman

How Norman sees Key


renetsil said...

That really made me laugh out loud....thanks! :)

robertguyton said...

You're very welcome, renetsil. There's much more of that to come. The Greens are just getting warmed-up!

northshoreguynz said...

You can't beat Dr Who.

robertguyton said...

He's my kind of pugilist.

Paranormal said...

Sad to see Red Russel slip into the mire of personality politics after so many years of the Greens taking the higher moral ground.

Whilst I think he would be a disaster on the treasury benches, up to earlier this year he had performed well in the bearpit of the current parliament. Sorry to say I think he has lost it recently. The recent polls have reflected what I see. His hard left politics work well for the rabid greens, but the public are turned off by them.

Thats the problem when you preach to the choir, they are the smallest part of the congregation.

robertguyton said...

Rabid greens! What tosh!
Key calls the Greens all sorts of insulting names and you don't mention that. Russel points out that 'Key calls the Greens all sorts of names" and you declare he's "lost it". I don't think so. He's "found it" rather. I suspect you'd love to see the Greens continue in their earth-loving, tree-hugging, out-of-Government way, but Russel (and I) think otherwise.

Paranormal said...

RG, I'm not talking about what you and I may think. My comment regarding 'lost it' is in reference to the earlier sentence where I commented on his performance in the current parliament. His comments over the weekend will have lost the wider support the Greens have been working to grow for so long. He can now be seen as being the same as all the other pollies in Wellington. Anyone that remembers Muldoon can see Norman really has no idea.

You and I are in agreement then, for different reasons. The Greens should carry on in the direction Red Russel wants to take them.