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Monday, June 24, 2013

John Key - Head Spy

Tom Frewen isn't impressed at all by John Key's spectacular mismanagement of the GCSB. Here, he flays the PM and describes the tenuous position he finds himself in, reliant as he is on Peter Dunne, John (I forget) Banks and the very, very reluctant Maori party to pass the new 'let 'em do what they want' Spy Bill.

"And this is no ordinary bill. It has the prime minister’s name on it. The GCSB is his responsibility. So far, his performance as its minister has been appalling. A spy agency’s worst nightmare is public exposure. Key has not only exposed the previously-obscure agency to public gaze but, with this legislation, has opened it to an unprecedented degree of examination and loss of public confidence.

If the parliamentary press gallery were not so infatuated with the prime minister they would be telling you what a mess he’s making of the one portfolio that you never used to hear anything about."

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