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Friday, June 7, 2013

Honour amongst thieves

Be with you in a minute, Pete.

"Dunne had indicated he would continue to honour the confidence and supply agreement he has with the Government."


High humour from the Minister for nothing.


paulinem said...

Another take on this saga as oer radio live news team discussing this latest problem in Parliament ..suggesting a set up ..apparently it is quite common for Parliament papers to accidentally find there way to a journalist ..when it suits the politician ..apparently Helen Clark did it quite often .....

Back to the interesting take by the media journalists on Radio Live after 5pmish today ...they suggested that this Dunne saga was a set up to have an excuse to call a snap election ..suggesting that this would be a very good time for the Government as all oppositions parties were not prepared for a election campaign re funds mostly .. and that the National Govt is still polling pretty good at the moment ..where as next year in 2014 it might not be such a good time at all re economy in a dive etc and opposition popularity growing.

robertguyton said...

Maybe so, Pauline. They also say that voters punish parties that call snap-elections.
I think we would.

paulinem said...

Robert I would like to think so..BUT the electorate as per polls is not going in any direction a lot like myself are in the dont know catagory .... The more I think of a snap election the more I suspect it is a possibilty .. lets face it Dunn is possibly sick of parliament as he's been in for a long time ..I understand if hes not in his 70s hes not far from touching 70 years. Also Dunn would be well aware hiding under the United party label is coming to a end and this will take a $100,000 plus from his income etc.

My conspiracy theory is I smell a possible Sky city involvement, such as maybe giving a bonus payment to Dunn... for him to go quietly etc ... and Sky City would assure that National had enough funds to launch a good election campaign... You know quid pro quo deal ...the news jouros on this Radio Live disscussion said snap elections dont always go against the governing party ..and they gave examples as to when it didnt ie 50s waterfront strike this election was called by National then and they got returned by a large majority.

There is another possible problem for National ... Banks and the electoral abuse court case ..if the judgemnt goes against him John Banks MUST resign from Parliament ...Natioanl who have only a slim guarantee majority are in trouble..I heard thatDunn must resign then in another radion news disscussion by ?? from memory I think it was another journalist news item disscussion.
I gather a guilty verdict would make John a convicted fellon and as result he is not allowed to be a parliamentairan.... Now add this to the economic expected problems to our economy next year from the drought we had ( many of the farms affected by drought had to send in some of the breeding stock to the works to be killed as they couldnt feed them)... This could mean next year be a very lean year for those reliant on freezing works income with the killing season being a very short season etc etc

I also suspect that sooner or later the economic fullout of Europe etc will start having a negative affect on our economy...In brief 2014 it could have been calculated by the Nats election team as being a too tough of a year for them to win and be returned to power ... where as with polls been okay in 2013 at the moment it may be a good time to take a calculated risk and go to the polls under a trumped up excuse...

Also ahh Winstons part ..he been a long time MP would have known that Parliamentarians regulary use jounalists with having confidential papers accidently finding their way into the media's attention ..... National needs winston for them to remain government next election as Dunn is finnished as is Act and they may have quietly been lobbying Winston support re next campaign ..lets not forget that the Winston first pary in the 90s party dropped some of there upsetting( to National) policy back in the 90s appease Jim Bolger and with this move assured Peters got the deputy PM job ...The Live journos also mention that Shearer is a dying duck and is not appealing to the electorate as a PM in the waiting.

paulinem said...

sorry I should have said Banks must resign re court case not Dunn..there is no edit feature for me to fix problems

Armchair Critic said...

Nice photo of the Minister of Nothing and the Chief Thief.