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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Go hard!

Southern Rural Life's Yvonne O'Hara reports that dairying is going for (white) gold (so what's new?):

"The dairy industry needs to "go hard" to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges in the next five to ten years, DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle says."

"We also have to be very careful how we project our image and to be sure what we project is what it truly is."

"With instantaneous social media, we have got to keep on our toes."

Dead right, Tim.

These are not cows. This is not a river.


woolblind willy said...

You've lost me here Robert. What are you trying to say re Tim's comments & this photo?

Graham Clarke said...

Its a bit misleading associating this photo with the dairy industry. Note its a couple of nurse cows with some young bulls so that suggests its a beef operation- could even be an organic life style farmlet.A documentary last year examined dirty dairying as cows were grazing a riverbank in the north island, all videoed by a chap in a boat- no one pointed out they were beef cows that have never seen a cowshed in their life but dairy got all the bad pr.So should dairynz be concerned about how people are using social media and media in general?

woolblind willy said...

A bit misleading Graham?? The same happens when winter or annual graziers, graze dairy cows or hiefers on their farms & do silly things. But hey, why ruin the chance for someone who hasn't got a clue to give the ole dairy boys another bash up?
All of NZ should be concerned.

robertguyton said...

Graham - the disclaiming caption on the photo should ease your concerns - I'm making light of the use of photos and the reaction from the dairy industry to such techniques. Yes, DairyNZ should be wary of social media and how it reports on their industry, just as environmentalists are wary of how the dairy industry uses the media to polish their turd (teasing, I'm teasing), that is promotes their agenda. Fonterra, remember, wants to be as popular as the All Blacks!
WW, my message is a general one - the industry is being encouraged to 'go hard'. That's an interesting statement, I think. They are anxious about public opinion, that's also very interesting. It may that dairying is genuinely motivated to be the best it can be for the economy and for the environment. Let's hope so. As for me bashing up the dairy boys, if that's what your comment means, give me a break! I'm floating impressions here, but if you've got a real concern, put it down in clear language and I'll address it as best I can.

Armchair Critic said...

Most townies (aka customers) won't make the distinction, Graham, and will go "cows in the river! Bloody farmers." The dirty dairy tag, which is a form of the slogan politics that Robert reposted recently, has stuck.

robertguyton said...

With dairy farmers crying foul over townies' discharges in the form of sewerage and storm-water, I'm surprised they haven't coined something along the lines of 'shitty city' to really put to the non-rural crew. Mind you, aren't towns and cities where retired farmers...retire? That'd be a bit of a foot-shot.