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Friday, May 17, 2013

Water storage 'should not become political football'

Yeah, right! Those who see the downside of National's pet project - water storage, should put aside their concerns and give the Government a big go-ahead tick. How predictable from the right-wing flunky commentators and how typical of the strategies of the National Party spinsters, to seed the discussion with fears of opposition to any idea they laud. Soon they'll be calling those who say what they think about this issue, 'economic saboteurs', or 'terrorists'. You wait and see.
Water storage? There is much ground for opposing this proposed engineering 'solution' to the effects of climate change on our environment.


paulinem said...

The STimes article from (?? I will check up later this week I think) about previous ancient civilization in South America Whom believed they had and needed total reliance on available water for survival. This article was very interesting and relevant for today as to how their is also a thinking of been in total control and the right for irrigation be available so to use when required. Was to eventually becomes the factor to destroy this civilization. Oh Robert working also on an answer to Nicholson also bit lazy these days need a stick sometimes to motivate me ..OR I get real mad at such as Key and the Sky city deal :)

robertguyton said...

Your latest effort was very good, Pauline and so I encourage you to give Nicholson a good stropping also. He deserves to be held to account for his wrong-thinking :-)