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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday fishing

We went to Tihaka to fish for blue cod.

Heading for the rocks, discussing how to cook the fish

It was wavey. Snaggy too.

There were bites, but no haul-ashores.


JayWontdart said...

Great work on pulling all that green string out of the water, damn polluters! And a tool for hammering down the "no throwing string into our 100% green waterways!" sign, good thinking! ;-)

My one man stand against Fonterra has doubled, with a "wo" added for good measure!

I expect Fonterra to keel over by Tuesday, so mortal a wound. What corporation could withstand a corporeal blow of such calibre?

robertguyton said...

Yes, Jordan, we celebrate the zero-catch and enjoy the alternative steamed rice mid-day meal! The hammer, I should have edited out, fore sure, from the foreshore. We celebrated our morning by the sea with a glass of rice milk and I composed an article comparing cow with grain, with grain taking the honours. After all, we don't abort, inject, herd or suck the life out of rice, do we?

robertguyton said...

Jordan, your soy milk on the streets post is most excellent. Most excellent.

JayWontdart said...

Rice milk? Is that your preference? I always find it flimsy as John Key's "three way" handshake! :-) I'm a So Good Essential soymilk lad (purple container). Almond milk is too sweet for me, even though its "premium", I stick with soy :-)

Glad you liked the post! Its far too long....I'm sure there are many who would prefer to skim a dozen or so pictures without a rambling essay beforehand! :-) However, the more you look into this "Milk in Schools" scam, the worse it gets. The PR is (logically) all from people directly involved in the dairy industry, and the every milimetre is Fonterra branded. I doubt the children are sitting at "Fonterra Milk in Schools" tables each day for lunch....but they still have "Fonterra" refrigerators at each school, "Anchor" etc cartons, "Fonterra" cartons, Fonterra supplied recycling bins (?)....would we tolerate this from any other corporation? Even if it was the BEAUTIFUL old "ENZA" apple/pear logo

would Principals sell out their principles to have "ENZA" stickered apples/pears coming from "ENZA" labelled fruit baskets with "ENZA" labelled bins for the cores/branded stickers?

I feel like taking a shower, the whole thing is just filthy!

robertguyton said...

My question to the Fonterra PR woman was about glue-ear. It was a great concern some years ago. Milk consumption has fallen significantly since then and the problem lessened, so far as I can tell. What will happen now, I wonder?
Your concern about the flood of Fonterra branding is well founded.