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Friday, May 10, 2013

Side-splitting humour

Key akshully said this:

“In the end to make a contribution you have to have integrity, and to have integrity there has to be a directness and fullness in your answers.”


Directness and fullness in your answers.

He's a riot.


darkhorse said...

oddly enough he seemed to have no problem with banksie misleading him about anonymous campaign donations - seems dishonesty on a grand scale and corruption of the electoral process is a minor matter to our dear leader while getting pissed and making a braying ass of yourself is an hanging offence - maybe the big problem with Gilmore is that he is the national party minus the veneer and that truth really does scare them

Armchair Critic said...

I think both Banks and Gilmore are the unmasked face of the National party, darkhorse.
The difference is not the level of offensiveness. It's my opinion that Banks's behaviour is far worse than Gilmore's. Rather, the difference is that Banks knows where the bodies are hidden. So he must be defended at all costs.